Personal Work

// Airlock - asset// MAYA-PHOTOSHOP-KEYSHOT

 this is the first asset of a work in progress environment I am currently developing on my free time. The render of it has been done using KeyShot. It is meant to play a function of a mid distance asset so the player would never get too close but close enough to appreciate the shapes of it. 

// Chevy Camaro// MAYA-PHOTOSHOP

  have been working for the past year on FORZA HORIZON 2 doing environments but on my free time I like looking at improving my art skills on other areas I have not explored properly. Render still yet to be done to a satisfactory level but here is a good stage of a model that was fun to make.

// Under pass of Chicago// MAYA-PHOTOSHOP

 As part of an art test this model represented various technical challenges due to time restrictions as it had to be done in 16 hours. Texturing need more work and I have a few personal issues with the render but over all its a very good example of what it can be done when the pressure is on and BTs' internet service lets you down.

 // Aston Martin - One 77// MAYA-PHOTOSHOP

 This model is currently a WORK IN PROGRESS. As you can see there are several issues with the presentation such as reflections, setting, lighting etc. So as soon as I get a chance Id be giving it the love it needs!

// Formula 1// MAYA-PHOTOSHOP

Hard surface and rendering explorations on my free time.  The issue with being constantly employed on big projects is that I get little time to work more into deep on my personal stuff so this small projects allow me to keep exploring my skills that can later be applied on my job.

// Harley Davidson // MAYA-PHOTOSHOP

Continuing with some maya+rendering exercises I’m now jumping on this bike. It’s not the best render nor the best image but yet it has been a great mesh as it has taught me a few new thing I didn’t know about mental ray. Hopefully I will get the chance to finish it off soon.


This rolex is part of a collection of training

exercises I have been working on. It has been done on my free time as I felt I had not touched nurbs in a while.

for some reason that make me panic!

// 40 mts X 40 mts tile // ZBRUSH-MAYA

This piece of terrain is part a collection of similar tiles that were planned to be railed down in order to form a river shore. This is the final look before ground cover.

// Soo.. who is the rock now? // ZBRUSH-PHOTOSHOP-MAYA

This lovely piece of mesh was created in just 2 days of hard work. It was part of a test required by a cool company out there.  I love this asset because it proved that talent doesn’t need to be shouting “I AM HERE”… it could be just around the corner or in front of you. 

I loved making this character! I know its not realistic enough for some but the idea of combining the vehemence and fierceness of Wolverine with the colourful aura of Mickey its just genius. I was jumping up and down after Alfredo Lopez Jr. (creator of the original concept) gave me the go to do this bad ass mickey/wolverine.

Inspired by the animated series ThunderCats I decided to jump on my own version of the villain Mumm-Ra

. I wanted to keep the original style and colour chart but with a new sense of realism. I used Zbrush as a main tool this time for the modelling process and 3d painted the model using App-Link tool once again in some bits. Once done I made the environment in Maya then back to Zbrush and finished it in Photoshop for the final composition. I later realised that I actually didn't need to make the whole environment as the final piece I wanted was going to be a close-up composition showing off the model.  Mumm-Ra has taken me 4 days.


Based on Alex Ross / Rough Justice concept
Mr. Kent has been done in a period of 3 to 4 days using different techniques I have been learning. I always try to change my personal work flow in order to explore new or different ways to approach sculptures. This has allowed me to understand more about the complexity of certain models and to be more accurate when estimating times. This was 3D painted from Zbrush by using the App-Link tool and then painting detail on Photoshop afterwards.


1024x1024 pxls maps
Eddie is an old friend that started from a telephone conversation doodle then became a concept and so on. This model was mainly done in Maya and one of the biggest challenges was to calculate the length and width of the tail. After finishing the modelling process Eddie was UV and then passed to Photoshop for a hand painted texture. It is important to highlight that no photo pictures were used during texture procedure. 

I used Zbrush to generate normal maps, AO etc. 


Based on the old legendary North American TV show the Airwolf. This model was done using Maya mainly. I started it using nurbs and then converting it to polygons for gaming purposes once I was happy with the shapes nurbs can only provide. This is indeed a longer work flow but a very effective one when it comes to rendering.

wireframe mesh


I modelled these two objects for a project that later on got cancelled but I decided to finish them anyway. I didn't go to town with them and instead I used them as a learning exercise to prove that amazing things can be approached with small texture size if it's UVed appropriately. These are simple objects that can go in a background as props and do not affect the performance of the engine.I have noticed, sadly, that people don't care about memory budgets because if the engine can handle it then why do I need to worry? However, I think on the other hand matters like this are very important as well as being organised in terms of naming conventions.
I believe some people can 3D model beautifully but not everyone can be organised and clean when it comes to presenting a model. I always try to think about the next person in the pipeline and how my work will affect theirs.


These two models are being included here because they were an important part of my learning curve of knowing Maya and becoming a 3D Artist, based on existing models done by Dean Wray who is the person who introduced me to the obscure world of games 3D Art.


This blue friend was the first exercise done after having developed a broad understanding of Maya and its tools.  It is fun to make Normal maps from Maya but I haven't still decided if it's better than other programs like Zbrush or XNormals, so I guess it is a case of personal preferences and also what your PC likes (or suffers less) doing.


This rather peculiar submarine was part of a learning exercise. The idea behind it was to make a vehicle suitable for a mouse on its campaign to conquer the kitchen! It uses a smoking pipe and a magnifying glass as a periscope. Its engine is powered by a tea spoons system that works as propellers. Asthma inhalers on the sides for better stability, fishing pliers and a pair of industrial torches that work as window frames and Christmas lights.